Asko Jewellers


Here, at, if you wish to cancel your purchase order after confirmation,
  • If the order is not confirmed then you can makecancellation request and we will approve it.
  • If the order already confirmed or in preparation for shipment then no cancellation will be allowed.
For Cancellation you can contact us at our email Upon cancellation, the refund inapplicable for our product only at our sole discretion.All refund will be issue as per our refund policy. Please contact usvia email, we will respond within 3 (Three) business days.We take customer feedback very seriously and use it toconstantly improve our products and quality of service.


  • Partial cancellations are allowed subject to confirmation fromour back office staff. Partial refund will be made in case ofpartial cancellation.


  • In case of any product purchase made through unethicalmeans; by taking advantage of a technical glitch; or bymisusing/ the offer terms/guidelines/codes – the particularorder/s will be cancelled whatsoever and will not be liable to pay any refund to you in all such cases.

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