Accurist was established in 1946 in London, Clerkenwell district. They made Accurist with the intention of creating a brand name that would last through the ages and have accumulative value. They were the first for a lot of movements this including the “21 JEWEL” movement. The 21 JEWEL movement consisted of jewels to help make the watch more accurate and less prone to positional errors. They were behind this movement so much that their company slogan became “Accurist 21JEWELS” soon after they began a tv campaign which has been routinely aired on “Sunday night at the London Palladium” a television programme that was quite popular for the time it aired.

Watches were considered a ‘once in a lifetime’ purchase and Accurist set out to improve this notion by adding a touch of fashion to watches which were soon on the wrists of the famous and endorsed by them to name a few; Princess Anne, The Beatles and Twiggy. These watches were vibrantly coloured and caught the attention of the public. They are iconic to all who wear them because of this.

Accurist work to develop inventive and intriguing watches with relevance to how the modern world is developing. They keep to their roots being a quintessentially British brand they had turned to Japan, which was shortly followed by an increase of over 500% in the following 3 years after they found themselves in Japan. Soon after this they had become Uk’s largest brand in terms of value and had set their sights on the international market since the Royal Observatory at Greenwich was undergoing major renovations they had capitalized on this by providing them with the atomic clock which officially records the time for the world.

Don’t settle for good enough, choose Accurist today. Accurist can provide you with the perfect timepiece for any occasion. They are a truly respected and trusted watch brand. You know you are guaranteed quality.

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