Bulova was established in 1875 by none other than Joseph Bulova himself in Manhattan, New York since in 1875 America entered a golden age of industry and progression and Bulova had to join up and coming iconic franchises making a name for themselves. Bulova had presented one innovation after the next with his Bulova watches all for the betterment of time-keeping, with this idea in mind Bulova set up making his craftsmanship into a foundation for his brand this all being because he had a constant strive for perfection, efficiency and precision. Through this, Bulova became a household name and the brand continued pursuing innovation and technology both within the timepiece industry and beyond, this is what Bulova and Bulova watches seek to keep going with every new piece they make.

Bulova’s industry of pioneering standardised production of watches and created proprietary tuning-fork based technology making it at the time the most accurate watch in the world! Though their breakthroughs were never limited to timekeeping alone.

Even today they are the same company they were 146 years ago. Even though Joseph Bulova isn’t with them no longer, those working in Bulova strive to keep his ambitions true, setting their own standards and continuing to break boundaries and bring new ideas to the field of timekeeping. With many firsts in their history with the precisionist collection, this was introduced in 2010, designed to use a continuously sweeping second hand instead of the constant ticking and with another first they made was with the Curv collection – The world’s first curved chronograph movement this is meant to fit snuggly around the curvature of a wrist.

Recognized for using only the finest materials in their watches, Bulova watches are a wonderful addition to any outfit meaning you get a range of minimalistic and casual to bold and stylish Bulova watches to suit your needs. That is why we here at Ask’o Jewellery offer you a selection of Bulova watches and secure yourself a luxuriously elegant timepiece.

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