Sekonda was established in 1966 in the UK and since then has built a reputation for affordable stylish watches without sacrificing quality. Sekonda believes that every second should count, meaning that Sekonda watches are perfect for everyday wear with their range of materials ranging between gold, silver, leather and even rubber, designed to survive the brunt of everyday wear and tear whilst maintaining a stylish design. Their watches have their origins in Russia but soon moved over to Hong Kong where Sekonda found their style influenced by its fashion market.

Sekonda watches are the lead best selling watch brand and held this title for 31 consecutive years. They are forthright and candid with their marketing pitches, using humour and irreverence to deliver their messages. Their iconic campaigns have been around since 1908 to the 90’s. With many different taglines to show for the years of service, they have given their most famous being “Beware of expensive imitations” This brand personality remains at the heart of the Sekonda today and has not failed or faltered their own values to bring high-quality watches at affordable prices.

Even though they have been to Hong Kong and been inspired by them they keep true to the British design for watches with a slight bit of influence coming from Hong Kong bringing eye-catching and desirable watches.

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