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Is your silver jewellery beginning to tarnish and scratch? Or has your white gold piece started to fade into more of a brown/yellow colour? If so, it might be time to get your jewellery some Rhodium plating. This process is rather simple and makes jewellery long-lasting. Our jewellers will apply a thin layer of rhodium to the items of jewellery, giving it a gleaming glow from the new silvery hue whilst also making the surface able to handle the wear and tear of everyday use. Rhodium plating helps prevent and hide scratches and will prevent rust from occurring.

It is used most often on white gold pieces of jewellery, which the term white gold is a misnomer since gold is a more yellow colour naturally. The way this is achieved to give it a white, silvery appearance is forged with another metal such as nickel, silver most commonly. This is finished with a coating of rhodium applied using this process. 

The process of rhodium plating will restore the original colour and remove any surface scratches caused by general wear and tear. Rhodium is incredibly reflective and very resistant to corrosion, meaning your jewellery will look better and last longer.

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