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Watches can become rusted, tarnished or damaged with time. As it is your watch dials and hands that are a staple of what makes the watch and tells you what you need to know that being the current time.

Watch dials is one of the most visible part of a watch, meaning that if it becomes damaged, it will severely affect the appearance of your watch and make it harder to use your watch in the right way as it might make the dial unreadable. If the minute, second or hour hand becomes damaged, then your watch can quickly become unusable or functionally inert.

We offer watch dials and hands replacement and repair services to ensure that your favourite watch stays in pristine condition. For most damages, our skilled technicians should be able to find an exact replacement. However, if your watch is vintage or limited edition and the correct parts are difficult to acquire, we can provide a replacement part that is as similar as possible to the original.

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