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Watch Glass Repair and Replacement runcorn

The glass on most watches is a centrepiece for a watch that comes in many different sizes but even if the surface is very durable this doesn’t mean that it can’t be scratched or even cracked occasionally. When this occurs it can make reading a watch difficult or make other features such as water resistance obsolete since the crack or chip can leave an opening even if it isn’t visible to the naked eye.

Fortunately, our skilled technicians can usually provide a like for like replacement from the manufacturer, if this isn’t available then we can offer you substitutions that work just as well if not better than the original since older or rarer models may have a glass that is harder to come by.

Watch glass come in 3 different materials those being sapphire, crystal and acrylic. Sapphire glass is extremely tough and scratch-resistant since this is the case it is used for some if not most of the top brands. Crystal glass is much more affordable but it isn’t as scratch-resistant as sapphire is and is much more likely to get replaced sooner in the future. The final material is acrylic which is solely apparent on older watches or watch models this material is a clear plastic glass that is usually shaped like a bubble.

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