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We ( know that your order arriving on time for your event is VITAL. You shall order with our free standard turnaround time, we never take an order unless we are 100% sure that we can guarantee your deadline. The total delivery time is: Processing time + Delivery Time. The Shipping Fee will depend on the weight and size of the item(s).

We deliver our products through our courier partners FEDEX,DHL ETC. Every order receives a tracking number before it leaves our facility. From the time it leaves our doors to the time it gets to yours, you’ll always know where your package is. All orders made on are insured from the time of dispatch until they are delivered to your specified delivery address.

If your item does not arrive please contact us at our We will raise an investigation with our couriers.

If the tracking shows that the item is delivered without delivery to your location then you can claim for the item is not arrived by filing none received of goods disclaimer for min order support us in replacing or issuing refund for the item.

Our Standard/Regular Delivery: 5-10 days

    • Late delivery:
      As per our policy, for the late delivery of order, if the time delay is unreasonable you can be entitled for a refund of cost as per our Refund Policy.
    • Something missing in the delivery:
      We often send out orders in several different packages, so these may arrive at different times. Please note that this does not mean you will be charged any additional delivery cost. However, if you are still concerned about your missing item(s), please go to late deliveries to track your missing item(s).
    • Order cancel:
      Please accept our apologies, occasionally we have to cancel orders for a number of reasons:
      Product unavailability:

      We try to get as much choice as possible onto our website, and occasionally we have to cancel orders when the ordered product is unavailable.
      Failed security checks:Orders may also be cancelled if security checks are failed; there are multiple reasons this can occur. Please contact our Customer services team for further details.
      Customer cancellation:If you have requested to cancelpart or all of your order.If your order has been cancelled you will be sent one of three emails:
      Part of your order is cancelledSorry, we were unable to deliver all the items in you ordered. You will receive a full refund to the original payment method used for the cancelled items.
      We’ve received your request to cancel part or all of your orderWe are sorry to hear you’ve cancelled your order with us. Your request has been processed and you have not been charged for the item/s in your order.
      Your order has failed our security checksSorry, the order you recently placed with us has been cancelled because the details associated with the order have failed our internal security checks. You will not be
      charged for your item/s. Please contact our Customer services team for further details.